Mix and Match!

We’re very excited to be hosting both a Lindy Hop AND Balboa Mix & Match game at our Winter Graduation Dance!

A Mix & Match (historically known as a Jack & Jill*) game/competition is when dancers enter without a partner and are randomly paired with someone. It’s become the most popular style of competition in swing dancing because it is a wonderful representation of what the dance is all: improvisation and partnership. Some wonderful things arise out of the random partnerships and it means each competition is different.

At Swing Out Adelaide our Mix & Match is very casual and so we treat it as a game rather than a competition. It’s all about having fun and sharing something awesome with the person you are partnered with. You can also show any friends and family members who are yet to catch the swing bug what it’s all about. If you’d like to sign up for either Lindy Hop or Balboa just arrive before 9pm to the Graduation Dance and write your name down on the sheet at the front desk.

Happy dancing!


*Some swing organisations (including us) are choosing new, non-gendered names for this event. You can read a bit more about this here.