Let’s talk about “solo” dancing

Photo by Brenton Edwards

We’ve heard it many times over our years of teaching: “I don’t like solo dancing”, “I only want to partner dance” or “I’m no good at solo dancing”. We want to bust open some of these ideas and fill you in on why solo dancing is awesome.

  1. You already are “solo” dancing – even though you are touching someone else

We are all responsible for the way our bodies move, for keeping good rhythm and making decisions about how we want to dance. So, we are already dancing “solo”, we just happen to be touching another person and sharing the moment at the same time! Practicing without holding on to someone else can actually be really useful because it will give you more confidence in the way you move whilst partner dancing.

2. Just because you are “solo” dancing doesn’t mean you can’t dance with other people. 

As you’ll see in any solo jam that occurs at socials (we LOVE that these are happening more and more), you can still dance with someone else, just without touching them. You get inspiration off of each other, you share the music together and are experiencing the moment as a partnership/group. Don’t forget, you’re also dancing with the musicians in the band! That’s what makes social solo dancing so great!

3. You can solo dance because you already have been

See point 1. We understand sometimes you can feel a little self-conscious dancing without holding on to another person. It gets easier with time and practice though, and by reminding yourself that you are still dancing with those around you. The main aim is to HAVE FUN so don’t stress about pulling off some fancy stuff if you don’t want to. If the music tells you to just wiggle then just wiggle!


Ok, I want to solo dance more! How and when? 

  1. Dance at home, at the office, down the street – wherever!

Just put on some jazz music and have a dance. It’s fun and you can cut loose any way you want. You do you!

2. Join a solo jam circle at socials or start one yourself! 

You can ask a friend – “hey want to join me for some solo dancing?”, or start dancing yourself (and you’ll find people will probably join you), or just run up and join a circle that has already formed. Go nuts!

3. Watch videos and get some inspiration

There is so much out there to watch and take inspiration from. We have a solo jazz playlist on Youtube you can check out here.

4. Join an upcoming solo course (our next one is The Shim Sham. Details here).

We hope to see you busting a move on the dance floor soon!

Luna and the Swing Out Adelaide team