Please welcome: Katey (aka Buggs) and Vedrana!

You may have heard that we (Luna and Jarryd) are expecting a mini lindy hopper in August, and so will be taking some time off from teaching to look after it/feel bewildered/test if Count Basie soothes a baby.

So, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we are leaving our classes in the very capable hands of Katey (aka Buggs) and Vedrana! These ladies are stalwarts of the Adelaide swing scene and we are super excited that you guys will get to experience their awesome skills and talents. They already have awesome classes planned Рwe want to take them ourselves! To read more about them, check out their bios here. 

We’ll still be teaching until mid-July, but you’ll see Buggs and Vedrana around in classes from now on, helping out and jumping in the rotation. Woo!